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DATES: AUG 30 - SEPT 7, 2014



For a detailed itinerary, click here for our program package.

You consider yourself an informed consumer. Walking into a supermarket, the first words out of your mouth might be, “Is it Fair Trade?” or perhaps, “Is it organic?” But how does our food earn those labels? What are the intricacies of those certifications? It’s more than a label, more than a buzzword; it’s a way of life for millions of people...

Join Operation Groundswell in Guatemala this fall to reconnect with the origins of our food! We'll take you into the jungle to taste raw cacao straight out of the pod. We'll hike volcanoes to farm alongside coffee farmers while hearing about their daily struggle to live off this commodity crop. Help us peel back the curtain of industrial agriculture and see the challenges our food producers face every day. We will get our hands dirty working on a community-initiated project and cleanse our minds in the beautiful hot springs of Fuentes Georginas. Start your journey today and fill out our registration form below!


  • Cultivate coffee alongside indigenous farmers, see how fair trade vegetable farmers earn a living, and learn how permaculture works in the real world.
  • From climbing an active volcano to soaking in mineral hot springs, experience Guatemala’s astounding natural beauty up close and personal.
  • Work alongside revolutionary guerillas turned reformers who have traded in their guns for shovels and are now fighting for food security and justice in their communities.
  • From seed to shelf, see first-hand the ecological, health and socio-economic impact a simple trip to the grocery store can make.


  • An intentionally designed and integrated program plan, focused on the issues facing Guatemala.
  • All transportation, accommodations, and all meals throughout the program (specified in program package above).
  • All group tours, entrance fees, and daily activities.
  • A $100 community contribution, which goes directly to support the amazing non-profits and communities we are partnered with on the ground. 10% of the community contribution goes to PlanetAir to carbon offset your flight.
  • Experienced, passionate, and dynamic program leaders with you 24 hours a day.

Begin your journey today by filling out the registration form below!


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